My name is Charlie and if you’re just starting in the gym or a young teen I know exactly how you feel.

 I started going to the gym right when I turned 13 with my dad. I just started working out with him for the first few months and would just go when he did. He taught me the basics of it and I liked the gym a lot. Then I officially got my own membership at a gym right across the street from the Jr high I was going to. I would go there everyday after school despite not knowing much about the gym. Eventually my friend joined me and started going with me. At this age I was kind of on the chubby side and realized I hated the way I looked. Then I decided to look up how to properly lose weight. I decided to cut out all breads, pastas, anything with added sugar, things that were deep fried, and anything else that seems unhealthy. I ate a lot of steak, rice, chicken and fruit. 

Then when I would go out I would always get things like burgers without the bun and instead of things with pasta, I would get mixed greens or rice. This diet was very good because it did not restrict many things and taught me a lot of discipline. I ended up shredding a lot of unwanted body fat. I also spent a lot of time researching what I was doing and watching youtubers like Lexx Little and Alex Eubanks. When I finished the 8th grade, I got a job and ended up going to the gym late every night. I met a lot of college kids that helped me alot with what I was doing and taught me alot about form and stretching. This summer was when I really fell in love with lifting and started seeing a lot of results. By the end of that summer I was going into my freshman year of high school and this new gym a few towns over was opening up. Everyone from my current gym was moving and I wanted to also. 

They have all the crazy equipment and alot of space. When I started going there I realized I was the smallest and youngest person there at 14 years old. At this time I was small as hell and decided I wanted to bulk up and get huge. I started eating everything I saw and got up to 180 lbs in about 4-6 months. I got really strong and big but I also put on a lot of body fat. I did not know about how important cardio was and was just trying to get big. Now a year later after mastering how to sleep, cardio, what to eat and when to eat surrounding your workout, how to train, and form, i’m ready to share it with you!